Buy this, not that. The Bar Cabinet

Need a bar cabinet? No. You don’t. No one NEEDS a bar cabinet – but we certainly WANT a bar cabinet. But really? I know. Priorities.

It’s true – I’ve had by eye on the sexy Clive Bar Cabinet from Crate & Barrel for the past two years. It’s a beauty and I’ve recommended it to clients because, well, it’s a beauty. But at $2,499 it’s a hefty commitment, especially for a recreational beverage-related casegood. Granted, it has some bells and whistles, like its mirrored interior and (not just one, but two) drop-down shelves. But sheesh! That price hasn’t changed once in all the time I’ve seen it at C&B. Still, the Clive taunts me with its come-hither looks, its promise of sweet industrial chic.

Clive Bar Cabinet from Crate & Barrel, $2,499

But then something happens. The internet gods lead me to this. The Clive rival.

Pub Bar Cabinet
Pub Bar Cabinet from Living Spaces, $750

It’s the rugged good looks that first catch our eye. He’s nameless (“Pub Bar Cabinet”). That’s cool. And after a closer look, we learn there’s no mirrored interior. Only one fold-down shelf, not two. But the reviews are good and what it does share with Clive is the same industrial chic that reminds me of a loft in the South Loop. But what really seals the deal? The price. $750 at Living Spaces. Now you can stock your bar and have it too.

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