The Desk Rescue

photo 1-69My kids and I like to visit garage sales. One late Saturday afternoon, we’re  out and about, but many of the sales have already packed up. The piles at the end of driveways are starting to appear –  the stuff no one wants, the stuff destined for a landfill.  As we drive, we notice one such pile in the distance. I get closer (cue the angelic choir) and spy this sad little desk. Abandoned, peeling, in need of some serious love. It’s made of real wood. The perfect size for Z’s room. And FREE. I see its potential. We bring it home.

Such a sad little desk, isn’t it?

I clean it up to get the peeling paint under control. As long as it isn’t flaking paint anymore, it can be used. So it makes its way to Z’s room, still very sad and not so pretty. Until the other day, that is!

I’ve been working on refinishing a piece for one of my clients. It’s an old dresser that’s getting a new life with several coats of Amy Howard’s spray lacquer in black. So I ask Z, “would you like me to do this for your desk?” A huge smile crosses his face. Within minutes, that desk is emptied and sitting in my work area. After sanding and cleaning, the process is simple and very quick, since lacquer is fast to dry. It takes about a day to get it done (in the midst of everything else I do, and weather permitting). I also let the paint cure for 48 hours before considering it useable. (Definiltely give it a day or two to make sure the paint smell dissipates before bringing it back into the house.)  Silver knobs from Menards replace the boring wooden ones. Two cans of lacquer and one can of varnish later, he has a beautiful little work space!

photo 1-72

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