Trouble-Free Thanksgiving Table


Yes it’s already November, can you believe it?! Autumn colors are in full swing and time will continue to fly so we thought we’d get a jump on things and help you plan ahead for this year’s festivities.

We see a trend toward making Thanksgiving simpler and easier. Nothing wrong with simpler and easier, especially if it results in spending more time with family and friends! Here are a few ways to keep things simple without sacrificing style:

1.  Dress your casual dinnerware in a cloth napkin topped with an apple, pear or miniature gourd. The effect is elegant and effortless.


2.   You may already have a jump on making some dishes in advance, but for those you need to prepare the day of, try measuring in advance! Mix dry ingredients for the recipes you can’t complete ahead of time, save in sealed containers and label so you know where to pick up in the process.  You’ll save time, counter space & clean dishes.


3.  Keep floral centerpieces short, so people can see one another and talk. Purchase cut flowers in autumn colors and arrange in 3-5 small glass vases. Mums, gerbera daisies, craspedia (billy balls) and berry branches work well. Limit yourself to one type of flower or branch per vase. Boom, done. Beautiful.

Photo credit: starmamac

Finally, remember to enjoy the day. Sip some warm cider from a mug, put your feet up and relax when you can. We’re not paid to say this, but we especially like Trader Joe’s Pear Cider this time of year. It’s a nice twist on the old apple cider favorite!

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