Share a Little Love on Olioboard

I love competition.  And I need your help.

It’s been on my list for a while to check out Olioboard.  It’s an online tool for creating 2D and 3D design boards – a bit like Project Decor, which I also adore (check out my profile here, but promise to come back!).  Olioboard has a few different bells and whistles.

So I played around with it this morning and… well… found myself entering a little design contest.  It’s the Tobie Fairley Get Published Design Contest, judged by editors of Traditional Home, RueMag and UK’s All the Best Blog, so I guess it’s not so “little.”

The theme is stripes. Now I’m not big on blasting a room with bold patterns – I’m a more subtle girl. I incorporated stripes into my entry in at least 15 ways – can you spot them all?

Please check it out and vote – click on the pic below, sign up (it’s free!) and cast your vote for Nature Nursery by clicking on the little heart to show some Valentine’s Day love for Eye to Eye Interiors.

Thank you for your support!  -Dawn

Nature Nursery by Eye to Eye Interiors

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