West Elm Giveaway

Giveaway and West Elm in the same breath. Yes, please. Knowing that as entries increase in number, my own chances of winning dwindle and fade, I give to you, dear readers, the ultimate sacrifice – an opportunity to enter for a chance to win. The giveaway has been going on for a few weeks and they’re on their fourth week now. Entries received this week are for $250 worth of market personal care products. Ooh, those Rewind Candles look mighty nice. Ends December 16, 2012.

West Elm is now offering, according to their website, “clever, hard -working, time-saving, clutter-busting solutions for everyday living.”  Translation: tools for kitchen, garden, care & repair, and personal care. Yay! Now excuse me while I salivate over this garden mister. And this porcelain cake stand.  Not quite sure how either of these things will save me time or bust my clutter, but I certainly like them very much.

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