Let’s Get Small

Every holiday season, I reconfigure our tiny living room to make way for a tree. And every year, the space left for the coffee table hand crafted by my grandfather is immediately too small. The poor table is too long. It feels awkward and crowded in its new space, ready to strike at unsuspecting shins.


We need a better solution for the holidays. Something round, something SMALL.  And when I say small, I mean something really, really small – like 23-30″ round.  Besides being small, it needs to fit in with our Pottery-Barn-esque decor (dark walnut, muted greens and blues), it needs to be an actual table we can set things on, and it needs to be on the child-proof side. The hunt is on!

  • Cala Hammered Coffee Table. $299.99 at World Market. I don’t think it’s “me” all year round, but it’s a festive look for the holidays.
  • Origami Coffee Table. $399.00 at West Elm. 28″ and would have looked very cool in our old condo…. Ah well, moving on.
  • Soho Randall Round Cocktail Table. $159.99 at homedecorators.com. 23.5″w 16.5″h.  Pros – it’s exactly the right size and price; reviewers rate it highly. Cons – It comes only in black and apparently there’s a weird silver circle on the top not shown in the pic. But now I know that the right sized table exists, watch out…
  • Safavieh Ruxton Dark Brown Wicker Ottoman. $177.99 at Overstock. I really love this. Maybe because I love it the 32″ will work? (Running hopeful to the living room to measure again). Nope, too big.
  • Rush Grass Ottoman. $79.00 at orientalfurniture.com.  30″ x 16.5″  Very tempting!  If the color is to be believed online, it’s a perfect match to the burgundy in my rug. And I already have a little woven grass on an accent table, so it wouldn’t seem entirely out of place…

I’ll be off to Homegoods later today to see if I can find something I can purchase immediately.  Stay tuned…

2 responses to “Let’s Get Small”

  1. Don’t forget to check Tuesday Morning as well as Nadeau Chicago

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Oh yes, we do love Nadeau and Tues Morning!

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