Dressing Up Your Drawers

Drawers 1
Drawers 1 (Photo credit: Jacobunny)

Who rummages through your drawers? You do! We say that’s reason enough to dress ’em up and bring on the bling.  Here are nine ways to get them gussied:

1) Brighten up your drawers with unexpected color.

2) No more paper liners and sachets – this herbal drawer liner does double duty. A pretty and practical perk for your dresser.

3) Replace drawer knobs and pulls for a quick and affordable mini-makeover.

4) KNM Home offers a custom drawer organizing solution to keep it all from getting lost in the shuffle. A place for everything, and everything in its place. The color choices are a fun bonus and the price is, too, starting around $26 for the 16-piece kit.

5) Add a drawer where it’s needed most. Upgrade your under-sink cabinet by installing a sliding organizer like this one from Container Store and boom, there’s the stuff you need. Right there.

6) Protect your kitchen blades with a soft cork Deluxe Bamboo Knife Dock. There are no pre-fitted grooves, so you can put your knives in just about any order you please.

7) Talk about bling. Install an LED interior light for your drawers. Battery operated, this design has a sensor. Open the drawer and the light stays on for 15 seconds. Close the drawer and the light goes off. The first few days, we bet you’ll open and close the drawers just for fun.

8) Classic and clutter-free. Stackable acrylic drawer organizers are perfect for shallow spaces teeming with tiny things to be tamed.

9) Free up counter space with this novel custom drawer idea to store tall utensils.

Yep, I can see every one of these items in my dream kitchen…

One response to “Dressing Up Your Drawers”

  1. Thanks for your mention of our product! Do you have one in your kitchen yet?

    I just wanted to make you and your readers aware the product is also available online (direct from us, the manufacturer) with free shipping at KnifeDock.com. 🙂

    BASE4 Group

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