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welcome mat

The door mat is looking a little worn which means we use it – a good sign.  Of course, wearing out our Welcome (mat) means finding a replacement.  And what better way to kick off than with a Welcome Mat post?  Exciting, right?  It doesn’t take much to get me giddy when it’s a cool, affordable way to wake up your home.

So file today’s post under “a few of my favorite things.” In the coming months, I’ll post shopping excursions, decorating ideas, and things that catch my eye.  I’ll take you behind the scenes as I brainstorm, hunt, shop and create great living spaces for clients – or just for fun. Sometimes I’ll wake up the whole house. Other times, I’ll give it just a little boost – like today – with a simple, sweet welcome mat.  Thanks for reading!  -Dawn

A Few of My Favorite Welcome Mats

Welcome in Binary Floor/Door Mat. $49.99 from ThinkGeek.  If Frank Lloyd Wright could ping…  It’s not every day you get a combination of subtle humor, function and style.

Floral Row welcome mat at Kohl’s. $24.99  Classy, not too flowery.  A sweet way to greet your feet.

Mosaic Tiles Doormat at Kohl’s.  $24.99  This earthy design wins points for hiding dirt with flair.

Multistripe Doormat at Pottery Barn $29.00  Vibrant and cheerful stripes, a great summer addition.

Colormate Poppy Doormat at KMart.  $12.98 A warm hello, especially perfect for the Fall.

Fleur De Lis Door Mat Non Personalized at Ballard Designs.  $39.00 Cool grey adds a touch of luxury and elegance in the winter months.

Boot tray at Bed Bath & Beyond, $7.99.  In cold climates, this is a must-have indoor companion to the welcome mat. Add some river rocks and voila, the slush and ice melts away and out of sight.

Daisies Recycled Rubber Doormat by Pure Modern, $24.75.  The bright and cheery daisies never fade, even when faced with muddy rain boots.

Wellness Mat. $119.95 (2×3) at William Sonoma.  It’s not a welcome mat, but it’s a must for anyone who spends a ton of time standing in one place – in the kitchen, at the copier, at a register. Worth every penny.

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